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Edyth Bulbring

@ Sunday Times Books LIVE

Deon Meyer and Me

I have just finished reading Deon Meyer’s “Thirteen Hours”.

Deon (I am going to call him Deon even though we have never met, because that’s his name and he writes like the kind of person you want to call by his first name and make friends with on Facebook), ok, Deon, to put it bluntly, is a really good crime writer.

There are four things I like about Deon’s books: He makes me feel happy about living in South Africa, because he writes about the country with such respect and affection – even when shit is happening.

The second thing is that his cop-heroes always save the girl. And I like that a lot. These days it’s hard enough to get a guy to take the teabag out of his cup before putting it into the dishwasher, let alone getting him to save you from a bunch of brutes with murder in their hearts. Deon’s cop-heroes are very reliable, which is comforting.

The third thing I like about Deon’s books is that he challenges the way I think about people. Cop-people. After reading Deon’s books I always want to go out and hug a cop, which let’s face it, is about as appealing an idea as eating tofu or cuddling up to Helen Zille. But that’s the way Deon makes me feel about cops. Like they are real people you wouldn’t mind drinking a beer with. This is an interesting feeling for me and I like Deon for making me feel this feeling.

And lastly, Deon writes a really great story. The kind of story you want to read all day in bed when you should be cleaning out the cat box.

These are my thoughts on Deon Meyer after reading his book.


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